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Vision and Mission for SELF - Sustaining Employability of Low-income Women and Families.

Vision: A society where every woman is economically-empowered to lead fulfilling lives.

Mission: To empower women to be sustainably employed through technology and innovation.
Our Core Values
Why SELF started
We believe that empowerment starts from the individual. As a smart, resourceful, and self-sufficient individual, our woman finds her inner strength to give to a larger community.

SELF started as an acronym for Sustaining Employability of Low-income women and Families. We aspire to enable women to have a stable and secure job that would allow their families and themselves to thrive.

We started with the goal of enabling women to become more independent by  sharing the knowledge needed for them to make better decisions in their day-to-day life. We realised that not every woman has a community or support network that they can turn to for help. This was especially critical for our women who faced uniquely challenging situations that cannot be readily addressed. Our resource portal is designed to enable our women to share knowledge with each other, and seek support from the community where needed.
History & timeline for SELF - Sustaining Employability of Low-income Women and Families.

2021: We were supported by the National Youth Council Young Changemakers grant to pilot our Resource Portal. From Oct 2021 to Jan 2022, we took part in the Youth Action Challenge S3, a platform for youths to provide solutions for societal issues. Our solution, the Kinship Network, enabled us to win the Promising Award. We were also one of the 21 teams selected to be part of Youth Co:Lab, the largest youth social entrepreneurship movement in Asia Pacific.

2022: We are part of Listening Living Labs, an initiative by A Good Space that gathers a diverse group of stakeholders to listen, stretch and act collectively on ideas to enable low-income families to live with dignity. We are part of Ministry of Manpower's Alliance for Action for Lower Wage Workers, a platform for passionate and action-oriented stakeholders to play a part in whole-of-society efforts to uplift the well-being of lower wage workers.